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Atlanta Home Inspections Tips and Advice | Dealing with Home Inspectors

Atlanta Home Inspections – Atlanta listing agents Jim and Ellen Crawford offer home seller tips for dealing with home inspections when selling a home in Atlanta. Atlanta home sellers – deal with home inspections, preparing to sell your home in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta home inspectionsAtlanta home inspections – Jim and Ellen are experienced Atlanta listing agents that offer their Atlanta home seller tips for those homeowners in the Atlanta metro area that are planning on selling a home. These tips deal with Atlanta home inspections, preparing your home to sell, and what homes are selling for in my neighborhood. In this site you’ll find home seller tips for Atlanta homes for sale, selling a home, selling your house, seller negations, strategies when selling a home, dealing with a home inspection – preparing to sell a home. We offer our Atlanta real estate service areas are: Alpharetta, Crabapple, Roswell, Duluth, Dunwoody, Virginia Highlands, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Decatur, Gwinnett, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Morningside, Lenox, Vinings, Smyrna, East Cobb, Marietta, Acworth, Cumming GA, Forsyth county, Sugarloaf, Sugar Hill, Buford, Winder, Cherokee County, Club of the South,  and much more!

Home inspectors are hired by the home buyer, or in increasing numbers by the home seller to be a impartial third party, and another set of trained eyes in the real estate transaction. Home inspectors are trained professionals, that can identify deficiencies in the home, its’ structure or mechanics, and electrical systems.  A home inspector should never offer to make the needed repairs to a home nor should they provide you with specific referrals for home repairs or renovations. It would be unprofessional to do so, and would probably be against the code of ethics for their affiliations with their respective inspection organizations of which they are a member.  For any necessary repairs, consumers should hire professionals with no connection to the inspector or the other party in the transaction.

Home inspectors need to know the home’s many systems and components and how they work, both independently and together. They should have a working and fluid knowledge in the systems they inspect. In addition, they need to understand why and how the system’s) fail. Consumer should expect a written report to describe the actual condition of the home at the time of the inspection and to provide an indication of the need for major repairs.

What Should We NOT Expect From a Home Inspection?

Home inspectors do not do destructive testing, nor can they see behind walls or through concrete. They do not provide detailed blueprints of the home, nor  should you expect their reports to include details of every item in the home.   The home inspector is primarily concerned with pointing out adverse conditions and/or safety-related concerns, rather than small or cosmetic items, which are considered readily apparent to the buyers.  They focus on issues that are related to health, safety, environmental, and that are structurally deficient in nature.

Also, the home buyer or seller should not expect the inspector’s report is a guarantee that the home’s components will never fail or need repair at some point in the future. Nothing is  perfect? all homes need regular maintenance and repair.


Look in the yellow pages and you will see page after page of home inspectors in some areas. So how do you find a qualified home inspector?

Ask Ellen Crawford.  As a full time real estate agent with market knowledge, and experience, he can provided with the names of several accredited home inspectors.

Prepare Your Atlanta Home for A Home Inspection

The better your home inspection when selling a home… the easier the sale. It is easier to identify objections before they arise by the potential home buyers.  So what will a home inspector will be looking at when they inspect my home, and how can we prepare for it? The list below will be very helpful when preparing for a home inspection. Most of these items can be accomplished with little or no cost and they are just regular maintenance items for a home.

  1. Grading or mulch from contact with siding should be six inches.
  2. Clean dirty gutters, leaves or debris from the roof.
  3. Divert all water away from the house; i.e. downspouts, condensation drains, and diverters.
  4. Trim trees, roots and bushes back from the foundation, roof, siding and chimney.
  5. Paint all weathered exterior wood and caulk around the trim, chimney, windows and doors.
  6. Seal asphalt driveways, and concrete repair if cracking.
  7. Seal or point up masonry chimney caps. Install metal flue cap.
  8. Clean or replace HVAC filter. Clean dirty air returns and plenum.
  9. Point up any failing mortar joints in brick or block.
  10. All smoke detectors to ensure they are in safe working order.
  11. Clean chimney, fireplace or wood stove and provide buyer with a copy of the cleaning record.
  12. Seal masonry walls in the basement.
  13. Don’t do quick cheap repairs. You may raise questions that will unfairly cause great concern to buyers and inspectors.
  14. All doors and windows are in operational, including repairing or replacing any cracked windowpanes, an caulking.
  15. Ensure that all plumbing fixtures (toilet, tub, shower, and sinks) are in proper working conditions. Check for and fix any leaks. Caulk around fixtures if necessary.
  16. Install GFCI receptacles near all water sources. Test all present GFCI receptacles for proper operation.
  17. Make sure all house lights , and switches are operational.
  18. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  19. Remove rotted wood and/or firewood from contact with the house.
  20. Ensure that proper grading is followed under a deck.
  21. Install proper vapor barrier in crawl spaces.
  22. Caulk all exterior wall penetrations, and openings.
  23. Check to ensure that the crawl space is dry and install a proper vapor barrier if necessary
  24. Check that bath vents are properly vented and in working condition.
  25. Remove paints, solvents, gas, and similar materials from crawl space, basement, attic, porch, and so forth.
  26. If windows are at or below grade, install window wells and covers.
  27. Make accessible: attic, crawl space, heating system, garage and other areas that will need to be inspected.
  28. If the house is vacant, make sure that all utilities are turned on, including water, electric, water heater, furnace, and A/C so that an inspection can be conducted.

We are experienced Atlanta listing agents, brokers associates, and full time real estate agents successfully listing and selling homes in Atlanta since 1992.  We can handle all your Atlanta real estate needs: relocating, homes for sale, purchase a home, selling, residential real estate and properties in Atlanta. View Atlanta homes for sale: mansions, golf homes, gated communities, swim tennis homes, homes with swimming pools,  ranch homes, traditional homes, and so much more. Search for Atlanta homes for sale, tours, home tours, see homes for sale, make appointments to see homes, Free CMA’s and Home values for Atlanta Home sellers, and advice to prepare a home a property to sell. We also offer Atlanta relocation, relocating, relocation services.

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What are Homes Selling for in Cumming GA?


What are Homes Selling for in Cumming GA Neighborhoods? | Cumming Real Estate

What are Homes Selling for in Cumming GA Neighborhood? Cumming GA listing agents offer Cumming home owners advice on selling a home – home prices and home sales in Cumming Georgia.

What are Homes Selling for in My NeighborhoodWhat are homes selling for in Cumming, GA?  It depends! There is more to selling a home than just looking at the listing price alone. There are many factors to consider when listing a home for sale in Cumming, Georgia. Too many people rely on what they hear on the news or read in the newspapers for real estate trends. That is misleading.  All of real estate really is local.  Cumming is a big town and we have lots of small neighborhoods, communities, counties, and enclaves.  All of these can be further broken down into the number of homes for sale, school district, location of the home, access to commutes and more. 

From that point we also have to break down the community – does it have swim tennis, golf, a clubhouse etc.?   Next we have to look at the home itself.  Listing prices are important.  Is the home priced correctly? Where is it located in the community?  Does it back to a road, or under power lines? It is a level lot or is the home below street grade or above?  Does the home have good curb appeal?  Is the lawn manicured and have professional landscaping?   Now what about the condition of the home?  Does the exterior of home need new paint or neutralized colors? On the inside of the home, does the home need paint, carpet, are the appliances and light fixtures original? Are there pet odors or does a smoker live there?

Another factor is maintenance.  Was the home maintained and what is the working condition of appliances?  Are the appliances and heating and air conditioning original builder grade? What condition are they in?  Have they been replaced of upgraded recently?  When the home has no upgrades it is more apparent to the home buyers – not to the sellers – and that will effect price of the homes.

Last item to consider about recent home sales in your neighborhood is the sellers motivation when selling a home.  Why is the home seller selling the home?  Is there a job transfer, a death in the family, health issues, retirement, new children, financial troubles or does the home seller have needs of a bigger or smaller home?  Those items can all have a major impact on what price the seller sells their home at.

So now you can see – there is more to selling a home than asking “What are homes selling for in my neighborhood?”  The answer to that question takes a lot of research from experienced Cumming listing agents like ourselves.  For more information about what your home is worth, home values, or a free CMA, contact us. If you are planning in selling a home in Cumming you will need Cumming’s best listing agents. We are Cumming real estate agents and Realtors – selling homes in Cumming since 1993.

Cumming GA Neighborhood Home Values are Based On:

  • Local Real Estate Trends and Statistics
  • Recent Home Sales of Similar Homes in Same Neighborhood
  • Home Construction – Quality
  • Desirability of Community – Curb Appeal
  • School Ratings
  • Subdivision Appeal
  • Subdivision Amenities
  • Location of Home – Desirability
  • Curb Appeal of Home – Inviting
  • Maintenance of Home – Integrity
  • Upgrades in Home – Improvments
  • Price of Home
  • Motivation of Seller
  • Terms of Sale
  • Seller Concessions

Atlanta GA Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

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How to Sell a Home Fast in Atlanta


How to Sell a Home Fast in Atlanta

How to Sell a Home Fast in Atlanta. Atlanta Fast home sales with Jim and Ellen Crawford and their Atlanta home selling team. Sell your Atlanta home fast for highest price, and low fees!

How to Sell a Home Fast in AtlantaHow to sell a home fast in Atlanta, GA is on every Atlanta home seller’s mind.  The newspapers, Internet, and social media would all have us believe that everything is selling fast, however that is not the case most of the time.  There are too many variables when buying a home, pricing, the condition of the home, local competition of other home sellers or new homes, the location of the home, the school district the home is located in… all have a bearing on how fast a home in Atlanta really sells.  That is why it is so important to strategize before just throwing a for sale sign up in the front yard and placing your home in the Atlanta MLS. Not all homes listed for sale will get multiple offers!  That is just pure fantasy.  Pricing the home right is key to a fast sale!

Atlanta homes that are priced right, show well, that have been updated and maintained well are the homes that usually sell much faster than homes that are just trying to get a quick sale and are overpriced.

If you want to sell your Atlanta home fast, that’s where we can help.  As experienced Atlanta real estate agents – our team can assist you from start to finish in selling your home in a timely fashion.  We have a proven track record of Atlanta home sales.  There is more to selling a home than just getting a Free CMA. Your home has to be seen and evaluated to realize a complete market valuation based upon local completion. The current condition of the home its decor, and maintenance will always be in question.  That evaluation will always include maintenance of the home, recent updates, improvements, and location of the home in question.

Once we visit your home, and visualize it… then we can strategize on pricing, and selling strategies.  We can provide you with a list of recent home sales, and local real estate trends to assist you. As experienced Atlanta real estate agents we have a track record is assisting Atlanta home sellers in determining the best way to get their home sold fast.

Most Atlanta homes can be listed the same day, it does not take a lot of work for a well maintained home to go on the market.  Our commissions are negotiable, we can take the pictures for our Atlanta real estate website and virtual tours the same day unless it is really over cast.  A sign and a lockbox are easily added to the property and it only takes a few moments to list your home for sale in both the GAMLS and FMLS systems. 

We Provide Atlanta Home Owners with the Following:

  • Free Home Valuation or Free CMA
  • Pricing Suggestions to Get the Best Price in Shortest Time
  • Real Estate Sign and Riders
  • Lockbox
  • Color Flyers and Information Boxes
  • Virtual Tour
  • Showcase Your Home
  • High Volume Internet Marketing Via a Network of Real Estate Websites
  • Syndication of Your Home Listing
  • Free Advice Based on over 20 Years’ Experience
  • Assist in Showing Your Property to Qualified Buyers
  • Assist in Setting Up Appointment to Show Your Home
  • Offer Assistance on Home Inspection, Qualifying Buyers, and Offers.
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Atlanta GA Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

For More information about buying or selling Atlanta GA real estate, homes or Atlanta GA real estate properties in the North Fulton area please feel free to Contact Us Now! Call now! "For Atlanta's Best Real Estate - find it on AtlantaBestHomes.Com!" Contact Us Now! Directions to Office - Click Here! Maximum One Executive Realtors Office: (770)835-4311 Ask for Ellen Crawford

Pricing A Home to Sell


Atlanta Pricing Your Home To Sell Your | Price Your Home Right!

Atlanta Pricing your home to sell! Atlanta Home Prices. Selling a home Atlanta and want to know the right listing price? Real estate marketing and pricing strategies to sell homes in: Atlanta, Alpharetta, Acworth, Crabapple, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Milton, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, Woodstock,   Fulton, Cherokee, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, and Forsyth counties.

Pricing A Home to Sell in AtlantaWhy use Jim and Ellen Crawford to sell your home? “It’s the Experience!”  I takes more than a sign in the ground to sell a home in the Atlanta or Atlanta area these days! It takes a strategy! Neighborhoods are facing foreclosures, short sales, declining home values, sold prices are dropping, and the time needed to sell a home is increasing! There are now loads of homes just sitting on the market and they are not selling! It doesn’t make sense to list a home if the agent feels they cannot sell it! Pricing is a major component of home sales! That is where Jim and Ellen have an edge! We’ve worked the softer markets in the past, and have some strategies we use to get our homes sold.


Selling your home in Atlanta Georgia? Want to know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood? What they’ve actually sold for? How much your own home is worth compared to theirs? Then pricing your home correctly from the beginning represents one of the most important factors in the selling your home. Our experience has shown us that if you price your home TOO HIGH, it may remain on the market for a long period of time – and could ultimately sell for less money than if it were priced properly from the start.

If you price your home TOO LOW, you may sell it quickly, but for less money than it is worth. Clearly, determining the correct price in which to sell your home is very important in maximizing its value to you. For results that count, contact Jim and Ellen Now!

Where Should You Price Your Atlanta Home?

There are three main pricing strategies – pricing your home: above, at, or below its market value.

  1. Priced above market value: Sellers like to price their home high, thinking that someone just might pay it. That’s unlikely – buyers shopping for a home know exactly what the market is like, and won’t be fooled into paying more than it’s worth.
  2. Priced at market value: Always a good strategy – that’s what your home is worth!
  3. Below market value!  Anyone could give your home away if it is not priced correctly!

Worried about setting the wrong price when selling a home in the Atlanta area? Ask to see the “estimates of value” collected from agents visiting your home during the broker’s open house. These estimates come from agents who work with buyers every day, and who know what buyers are willing to pay for homes. When twenty or thirty values are plotted on graph paper (or simply averaged), your home’s true value to buyers will become quite clear. If your home isn’t within 5% of the average value, it’s overpriced, and the asking price should be dropped!  Don’t let your home become an old, tired listing. It will eventually sell for less than you would have received if you’d priced it properly!

Ellen & I Don’t play pricing games when listing a home. We list our homes at the right price. Everyone benefits! This ensures that our listings sell in the shortest time for the highest price! We feel this is the best approach! Unlike other agents that will “BUY YOUR LISTING!” (Listing your home at a higher price even if it unrealistic, because the agent knows that you need to sell.) They know that your personal needs will dictate the necessity to reduce later. Within a few weeks of listing your home at the higher price, the agent will start approaching you to reduce the price. How mean! We feel that this is emotional blackmail!

Our Goals

  • Get you the most money possible;
  • Sell your home as quickly as you can;
  • Make selling your home a pleasant and profitable experience.

If you are still interested in marketing your home, we feel we can offer you a fresh approach. We’ll provide you with a personalized and professional marketing plan in order to sell your home for the highest possible price in the least amount of time. Ellen and I are extremely successful in selling homes! We provide a FREE Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) that ensures success. It is good to have a CMA before listing your home for sale. As experienced local agents we can provide you with details of the current market valuation.

We Also Serve the Following Areas: Atlanta, Crabapple, Windward, Cumming, Milton, Roswell, Johns Creek, Woodstock, Acworth, Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners, North Fulton, Cherokee, DeKalb, and Forsyth counties.

Atlanta GA Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

For More information about buying or selling Atlanta GA real estate, homes or Atlanta GA real estate properties in the North Fulton area please feel free to Contact Us Now! Call now! "For Atlanta's Best Real Estate - find it on AtlantaBestHomes.Com!" Contact Us Now! Directions to Office - Click Here! Maximum One Executive Realtors Office: (770)835-4311 Ask for Ellen Crawford

Atlanta Home Seller Tips


Atlanta Home Seller Tips – Preparing Your Home to Sell – Atlanta Home Selling Tips.

Atlanta home seller tips to sell your home – Atlanta best listing agents for: Alpharetta, Buford, Cumming, Dacula, Dunwoody, Sugar Hill, Milton, Johns Creek, Lake Lanier, Suwanee, Duluth, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Norcross, Peachtree Corners and East Cobb Marietta.

Are you an Atlanta homeowner thinking of selling your home? It is a tough time to sell a home, but they are selling!  If you are listing and selling and  your home in the North Atlanta, in town, midtown, or Alpharetta, Roswell, Dunwoody, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Grayson, Sugarloaf, Buford, Snellville, Dacula, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Cobb, Forsyth, and Fulton counties?  Want the absolute best price? Do you want to sell it in the shortest time, and with the least hassles?  Call us!  We can help.  Ellen and I offer  full service real estate sales.  Whether you are selling your existing home, retiring or relocating from the Atlanta area, we can handle all the details.   “Because Experience Matters!”


Home’s Interior

Our experience us shows that creating a inviting atmosphere inside your home can increases its appeal and desirability. View your home with a critical eye. View it as if you were the buyer.  Clean, polish, paint, complete minor repairs, and add all the special  touches. Prepare your home as if you were entertaining your finest guests.   Let it show its “Holiday Best!”  Make it  S*P*A*R*K*L*E*!

Around Doors and Windows   

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door.
  • Brighten up the door glass, side panels and transoms.
  • Clean the landing in front of front door.
  • Pressure wash walk, remove any mold in brick or concrete.
  • Blow away grass clippings or leaves.
  • Add a brass kick plate.
  • Add fresh colorful flowers or plants on each side of front door in a planter. (plastic flowers in winter)
  • Polish all brass fixtures (especially at front door) and be sure door locks work properly.
  • Oil hinges to both doors and windows. Check weather-stripping.
  • Keep stairways extra tidy and secure handrails.
  • Remove window screens and clean window glass.
  • Cut back overgrown outdoor plants and shrubs that restrict natural light.
  • Keep windows clean and tidy with draperies firmly affixed and in proper working order.
  • Keep blinds and plantation shutters open to let in natural light.

Floors and Carpets  

  • Repair or replace missing or damaged tile, hardwood, vinyl and baseboards.
  • Wax vinyl floors.
  • Add a new coat of sealer for your hardwood floors if they are dull.
  • Steam-clean or shampoo carpets. Then keep them vacuumed daily before showing.
  • Secure loose carpeting and replace damaged areas.
  • Stretch rugs if by a carpet mechanic if needed.
  • Be conscious of odors caused by dampness, high-traffic areas and especially pets.

Storage Areas and Closets

  • Store unused items in professional storage, not garage!
  • Immediately get rid of unwanted items, garage sales or charities.
  • Get rid of clutter. Ample storage space increases the desirability of the home.
  • Neatly arrange kids toys and games.
  • Discard, give to charity or hold a garage sale to get rid of all unwanted items of old clothing
  • Keep closets organized and tidy.
  • Store smaller items those you do not use frequently. Discard any unnecessary items.
  • Do not clutter the basement!

Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • Keep living areas clean, polished, neutral and inviting.
  • Your home should smell nice, not overwhelmed by scents, odors or smells!
  • Make sure that your furniture arrangement, and flow create a spacious atmosphere.
  • Make all beds, arrange couch cushions, polish glass, dust shelves, vacuum carpets and touch-up walls with paint or spackling as necessary.
  • All wallpaper should be clean and adhere smoothly to the walls. Reglue if you have to.
  • Accent your home with flowers or candles add to the home’s housewarming appeal.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Clear counters, drawers and cabinets of unnecessary items.
  • Place out your best towels as if company were coming.
  • Clean light fixtures and replace bulbs if needed.
  • Replace faucets if chrome or brass are discolored.
  • Clean soap dishes, mirrors, faucets and appliances (inside and out).
  • Re-grout tile in shower and tubs if needed.
  • Scrub toilets, and mildew in shower tiles.
  • Store cleaning supplies and hang freshly washed towels.
  • Be conscious of odors caused by dampness, hampers, garbage and various foods.
  • Do not store items under beds – especially pet beds! They contain odors you alone are used to!

Cabinets and Counters

  • Store infrequently used counter-top items to allow a spacious look in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Magnets, and drawings off the cabinets and refrigerator.
  • Polish wood, and countertops.
  • Put away those extra gadgets, and canisters.
  • Keep drawers and cabinets tidy and organized.

Garage or Workshop

  • Items should be neatly stored in shelving or wall units.
  • Get rid of debris, old paint cans, and toss those old newspapers.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Paint the garage, and floor.
  • Allow appropriate space for the homebuyer to visualize their vehicle or workbench.
  • Consider moving excess or over-sized items to mini-storage.

Landscaping, Exterior and Yard

  • Water the yard!
  • Clean all Windows
  • Trim back and prune your landscaping around the home.
  • Keep lawn trimmed and groomed. Bag clippings!
  • Paint trim and siding if needed. Try cleaning first.
  • Clean gutters, paint if needed.
  • Replace any rotten trim wood, and paint.
  • Cut trees away, and prune if too close to home.
  • Add color to landscaping where needed.
  • Keep lawn watered and green.
  • Blow off grass clippings and leaves from driveway
  • Pressure wash and bleach driveway if needed.
  • Add some fresh mulch where needed.
  • Paint or freshen up fence, clean deck, and re-stain if needed.

For more information on Atlanta homes, Atlanta  Condos or Atlanta real estate please feel free to contact us!

Atlanta GA Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

For More information about buying or selling Atlanta GA real estate, homes or Atlanta GA real estate properties in the North Fulton area please feel free to Contact Us Now! Call now! "For Atlanta's Best Real Estate - find it on AtlantaBestHomes.Com!" Contact Us Now! Directions to Office - Click Here! Maximum One Executive Realtors Office: (770)835-4311 Ask for Ellen Crawford

Paint Your Home to Sell


Paint Your Home to Sell It – Atlanta Home Sellers

Paint Your Home to Sell Atlanta Home Sellers Advice! New paint makes a big difference when selling a home. Before you list your home, paint your home inside and out to get the best possible price and terms.  Keep the colors clean and neutral!  Home selling tips by Atlanta’s best listing agents.

Paint Your Home to Sell it AtlantaIf you need to paint your home in Atlanta before selling take a trip to the local paint store or home improvement center, and you’ll be amazed at all the new formulations and improvements have resulted in a new class of paints for any need.  There are stain-resistant paints and some that are odor-free,  There are now energy-efficient paints, and kitchen and bath paints, that are mildew-and mold resistant paints, and as well as a plethora of paints for decorative purposes and special effects.  Think of it as a fine suit you can dress your home in to show it at its very best.  A fresh coat of paint can also hide a multitude of sins, masking the smell of a vacant stale home, pet odors and a smoker’s home.

A new coat of paint can make the difference of whether your home will sell or just sit on the market.  Paint has many purposes.  First a new coat of paint is pleasing to the eyes. If you paint the homes exterior and trim, you now have curb appeal!  It revitalizes the look of a tired and worn property and returns it to its former glory.  However we cannot stop on the outside and disappoint buyers when they enter the home.  A fresh coat of paint is pleasing to the senses.  Paint and also depersonalize a home, and makes it more appealing and inviting to all.  A strong personal color may turn some buyers away, and a neutral color may make your home more appealing to a wider audience.  Please remember most buyers are really looking for a home in turn key condition, and like your self they are too busy to stop and paint your home after they move in.  They want a home not a project!  Another item is that paint and caulking is part of regular home maintenance.  It actually protects your home from moisture intrusion, rot, and dry rot, mold and mildew and insect infiltration.

Before you place your home on the market the smartest investment you could make is in the appearance of your home.  Make it stand out in a clean fresh light that separates your home from your neighbors!  Yes it’s an added expense, but in this market is will make a major difference.

Atlanta GA Real Estate Properties & Homes For Sale

For More information about buying or selling Atlanta GA real estate, homes or Atlanta GA real estate properties in the North Fulton area please feel free to Contact Us Now! Call now! "For Atlanta's Best Real Estate - find it on AtlantaBestHomes.Com!" Contact Us Now! Directions to Office - Click Here! Maximum One Executive Realtors Office: (770)835-4311 Ask for Ellen Crawford
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