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Paint Your Home to Sell Atlanta Home Sellers Advice! New paint makes a big difference when selling a home. Before you list your home, paint your home inside and out to get the best possible price and terms.  Keep the colors clean and neutral!  Home selling tips by Atlanta’s best listing agents.

Paint Your Home to Sell it AtlantaIf you need to paint your home in Atlanta before selling take a trip to the local paint store or home improvement center, and you’ll be amazed at all the new formulations and improvements have resulted in a new class of paints for any need.  There are stain-resistant paints and some that are odor-free,  There are now energy-efficient paints, and kitchen and bath paints, that are mildew-and mold resistant paints, and as well as a plethora of paints for decorative purposes and special effects.  Think of it as a fine suit you can dress your home in to show it at its very best.  A fresh coat of paint can also hide a multitude of sins, masking the smell of a vacant stale home, pet odors and a smoker’s home.

A new coat of paint can make the difference of whether your home will sell or just sit on the market.  Paint has many purposes.  First a new coat of paint is pleasing to the eyes. If you paint the homes exterior and trim, you now have curb appeal!  It revitalizes the look of a tired and worn property and returns it to its former glory.  However we cannot stop on the outside and disappoint buyers when they enter the home.  A fresh coat of paint is pleasing to the senses.  Paint and also depersonalize a home, and makes it more appealing and inviting to all.  A strong personal color may turn some buyers away, and a neutral color may make your home more appealing to a wider audience.  Please remember most buyers are really looking for a home in turn key condition, and like your self they are too busy to stop and paint your home after they move in.  They want a home not a project!  Another item is that paint and caulking is part of regular home maintenance.  It actually protects your home from moisture intrusion, rot, and dry rot, mold and mildew and insect infiltration.

Before you place your home on the market the smartest investment you could make is in the appearance of your home.  Make it stand out in a clean fresh light that separates your home from your neighbors!  Yes it’s an added expense, but in this market is will make a major difference.

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