Atlanta Home Seller Tips Continued


Atlanta Home Seller Tips Continued

Atlanta Home Seller Tips.  Selling a home is a process that if you’ve the right information you will sell more quickly at a higher price – Home Seller Tips.

Atlanta home selling tipsAtlanta Home Selling Tips Continued Here! As full time professional Atlanta Listing Agents and Atlanta REALTORS® since 1993 there are many tips that that we can share with Atlanta home sellers that work based upon our own experience and that of our clients that worked with us over the years.  These are best practices in selling a home that work! Success in selling a home is always the best measure of one’s abilities.

Atlanta Home Seller Tips. Atlanta home seller tips from Atlanta Maximum One Executive REALTORS® real estate agent Ellen Crawford.  Atlanta home sellers can prepare their home to sell for the best price, and best terms.  Preparation tips to sell your home for Atlanta home sellers.

Some  More Tips When Selling a Home in Atlanta!

Atlanta home sellers – are you listing or selling your home in the Atlanta suburbs of Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Milton, John’s Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Marietta, Peachtree Corners, Cumming GA, Sandy Springs or Norcross?  Of course the best tip is to contact Ellen, but also our experience shows us that the best thing to do when selling a home is to sell it quickly at the highest possible price. Jim & Ellen Crawford have prepared this time proven list based upon our experience in the market. We’ve found that selling a home is a “TEAM EFFORT,” and together we can make your home sell quickly and help you reach your goals. Contact us now!  We’ll make a great team.


How To Make Your Atlanta Home Look Great and Sell Quickly!

A Personal Note From Ellen: Let’s face it … most people don’t live this way! Many (if not most) of these tips may appear overstated or unrealistic to you and your lifestyle. However, your home has now become a product offered for sale. As such, we want to make the product appealing to the majority of Buyers. The closer you can get your home to the “ideal” the more your goals of a quick sale at a good price will be met. We’ll be providing you with feedback from the agents who show your home. Don’t be offended. Let’s work together to reach your goals! Hang in there. Below are items that you can do to help your home show well.

Maximize Your Space

  1. Paint Rooms Light Neutral Color.
  2. Remove Drapes (Leave Miniblinds). “Light & Bright!”
  3. Remove Unnecessary Pieces of Furniture.
  4. Clean Out Coat Closet – Put Items in Storage Unit.
  5. Clean Out Garage. Clean Out Attic. Clean Out Basement!
  6. Rent a Storage Unit for Extra Items – Have a Moving Sale.
  7. Remove Small Pictures From the Walls.
  8. Remove Items From Countertops.
  9. Put in Higher Wattage Light bulbs.
  10. Remove Some Toys to Storage Unit.
  11. Take Extra Leaf Out of Dining Room Table.
  12. Check Walk Flow to Make Sure Potential Buyers Don’t Have to Walk Around Furniture.
  13. Your home will be compared to Model Homes that are vacant and always clean and open!

Buyer’s First Impressions

  1. Repaint Exterior, if needed (may need trim only).
  2. Pressure Wash the Home and Driveway. Sweep the Front Porch.
  3. Keep Newspapers and Flyers Picked Up.
  4. Hang a Simple Grapevine Wreath on the Front Door.
  5. Replace Siding, as needed, Replace Missing Shingles, as needed.
  6. Clean / Paint /or Replace Gutters, as needed.
  7. Clean Windows Until They Shine — Scrape, if Necessary.
  8. Clean / Paint / Shutters or Replace Shutters, as needed.
  9. Use Quick Greening Fertilizer on the Lawn — Ammonium Sulfate, Urea, or Ammonium Nitrate.
  10. Cut and Edge the Lawn. Freshen Mulched Areas
  11. Remove Children’s Toys and Bikes Around Exterior, Seal Cracks in Driveway and Walkway.
  12. Remove Leaves/Pine Needles from Lawn and Roof.

Your home’s “Curb Appeal” (or first impression from the street as you approach the home) will be the thing that entices the potential buyer to take a look inside.


  1. Clean the Kitchen From Top to Bottom.
  2. Clean the Oven.
  3. Clean the Refrigerator.
  4. Remove all Refrigerator Magnets and Items from the Front of the Refrigerator.
  5. Put Away Most Small Appliances.
  6. Put Away Items off Countertops.
  7. Clean the Inside of the Dishwasher — Try Running it With the Soap Dishes Filled with Powdered Instant Lemonade (like Countrytime). The Citric Acid Works Wonders!
  8. Clean Out Drawers to Eliminate Fears of Too Little Space.
  9. Paint the Kitchen a Neutral Color.
  10. Light Wood is Best for Kitchen Cabinets – Paint or Update.
  11. Change Cabinet Hardware or Clean Very Well.
  12. Remove Pet Dishes, Toys and Litter Boxes From Kitchen.
  13. Remove Window Treatments in Kitchen. Make it sunny!
  14. If the Laundry Room is off the Kitchen, Make Sure it’s Uncluttered, Neat and Clean.

Entrance to Home

  1. Replace Carpet Throughout the Home with Neutral Color
  2. Replace Front Door.
  3. Paint Front Door.
  4. Remove Storm Door.
  5. Repair Storm Door.
  6. Add Brass Kick plate to Front Door.
  7. Install New Mailbox and Post.
  8. Create Distinct Entry with Divider, Plants, Hallway Hutch.
  9. New Floor mat at Entry.
  10. Clean Cobwebs from the Doorway.


  1. Clean Ceramic Tile and Grout.
  2. Repair Loose or Cracked Tiles.
  3. Downplay Dated Ceramic Tile Colors with White Towels and Window Treatments.
  4. Buy a New Shower Curtain — Avoid Patterns.
  5. Shine Chrome Fixtures — Stiff Brush with White Vinegar Works Great.
  6. Remove Stains from Sink. Replace Rusted Sinks.
  7. Repair Leaky Faucets.
  8. Remove Personal Toiletries on Display.
  9. Glue Down Wallpaper Where it’s Loose or Curling.
  10. Use Fancy Basket for Books and Magazines.
  11. Replace Toilet Seats.
  12. Repair or Replace Exhaust Fan.
  13. Install GFCI Outlet.

Eliminate Odors — Pets, Smoking, Kitchen, Basement (There is a fantastic product called Simple Solution which is available at pet stores such as Pet Smart. Eliminates all types of organic odors!)

 Living Room (Applies to Entire Home)

  1. Put Away Collections (Figurines and Fragile Items).
  2. Store any Political or Religious Mementos, as well as any Business or Sports Awards (you want the potential buyer to think of the home as theirs and they may not have the same interests that you do).
  3. No Animal (Fur) Rugs.
  4. Just a Few Family Photos.
  5. Silence any Squeaky Floors. (Kits Sold at Home Depot)
  6. Use Half Curtains to Disguise Bad Views.
  7. Remove Any Crowded Furniture — Open the Rooms Up!

Dining Room

  1. Put New WHITE Tablecloth on the Table.
  2. Use a Centerpiece on the Table.
  3. Place Fresh-Cut Flowers in a Vase on the Table
  4. Light, then Blow Out Candles.
  5. Clean Chandelier Bulbs and Globe (Dust Regularly). Globes May be Run Through the Dishwasher.


  1. New Bedspread.
  2. Make the Beds Every Day.
  3. Keep Headboards Clear and Free from Clutter.
  4. Be Sure Children’s Toys are Put Away.
  5. Remove any Bulky Furniture. Make Rooms Appear Large.
  6. Remove any Dark or Outdated Wallpaper. Paint the Walls with a Light, Neutral Color.
  7. Clean Out Closets — Make Them Appear as if There is Plenty of Room to Spare.
  8. Install Closet Organizer and Keep Clothing Neat.
  9. Organize Shoes on Shoe Racks.


  1. Trim all Hedges and Shrubs. Strive for Neat Appearance.
  2. Add Mulch to Flowerbeds and Shrubs.
  3. Repair Fence.
  4. Plant Flowers or Add Pots/Containers of Bright Flowers.
  5. Clean Pool as Needed.
  6. Provide a Fact Sheet on Swimming Pool — Show the Cost and Time Involved in Upkeep. Many People Worry that a Pool is Too Expensive and Time Consuming.
  7. Remove: Old Rusted Swing Set
  8. Old Rusted Basketball Goals
  9. Old Rusted Lawn Furniture
  10. Old Rusted Grill
  11. Dead Trees or Shrubs
  12. Old Flowers from Past Season
  13. Leaves, Dead Branches, Weeds and Debris
  14. Garbage Cans — Store Neatly in the Garage.

Don’t Store Valuables in Sight — Place Jewelry in Drawers or Store Away from the Home


  1. Remove Stains from Garage Floor / Paint if Needed
  2. Make Basement Look Functional and Well Organized.
  3. Clean Basement Windows.
  4. Wipe Down the Furnace and Water Heater with a Damp Sponge. Keep Utility Room Uncluttered.
  5. Move any Extra Boxes and Unnecessary Items to Your Storage Unit.
  6. Spray with Simple Solution to Give a Fresh Smell.


It’s Recommended that Pets be Kenneled During the Time Your Home is on the Market. If that isn’t possible, please let agents know the names and location (backyard, dog run, etc.) of the pets. If you have a pet you don’t want let out of the home (the cat?), please be sure to inform agents. See note under Entrance to Home for dealing with pet odors (Simple Solution). A neutral smell is important.

General Hints and Tips

  • Please don’t be home for Showings. The Buyer will spend more time looking if the Seller is not there. Go to the neighbors. Walk the dog. Go to another part of the home while the prospective buyers are in another section of the home. The goal is to have the potential Buyer think of the home as theirs.
  • Open all curtains, drapes and blinds during the day.
  • For evening Showings, turn on all the lights before you leave.
  • If anything is broken, you must disclose the issue. Even easier … have it fixed!
  • Sprinkle a few drops of vanilla on a warm stove burner to create a pleasing smell in the home. Remember to turn the burner off! Alternatively, you can warm a pan of water with a few drops of vanilla in the oven.
  • Bake bread or bake cookies to fill the house with a pleasant smell.
  • Run the vacuum cleaner every morning before you leave the house.
  • After your shower, dry the stall, glass, and tub with a towel.
  • Please refrain from smoking in the home. Remove all ashtrays. Remove strong cooking odors. See note under Entrance to Home for help with odors (Simple Solution). A neutral smell is important. 
  • Please keep the interior and exterior brochure boxes filled with the supply we will give you.  Let us know if you run low on brochures or business cards.


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